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Nest Finance specialises in catering to high net wealth individuals seeking mortgaging solutions; be it complex income structures, large acreage, multiple dwellings on one title, foreign income, or multiple residential properties.
Transitioning from your fixed term? Allow us to review the market and recommend you to the lender whose offerings align with your personal circumstance and property, balancing rate, fees, and service

Whether you’re an investor aiming to leverage equity for new ventures or simply seeking a competitive mortgage rate coming off your-fixed term, our experts stand ready to assist.

For Homeowners: Are you within 9 months or nearing the end of a fixed-rate term? We evaluate the market, taking into account rates, fees, and personal circumstances, positioning you with a lender that suits your profile.

For Investors: Harness the equity in your property to amplify your investments. Our experts will talk you through the best funding options for to match your particular investment, be it property or for trading business purposes.

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We offer free initial appointments and we’ll even provide consultations out of hours, so you can pick a time that fits in with your busy schedule.